Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Be Constant as the North Star"

President Gordon B. Hinckley

At our district meeting last Friday we committed to attaining 6 goals during this transfer. We all agree that being CONSTANT in our work is what really makes the difference. Elder Pickett asked for suggestions for a district theme for this transfer. I remembered a lesson I learned while serving in the Rolling Hills Primary in Rexburg. When I think of a constant example, President Gordon B. Hinckley comes to my mind. His wonderful story about the North Star and challenges in the mission field, inspired my good friend and neighbor, Sister Cheryl Boyer Hansen, to write a song for the Primary children of our stake. She wanted to teach the lessons he learned. It has always been one of our favorite songs, and we had an incredible experience when the children of the Rolling Hills Primary sang this song to President Hinckley. He was in Rexburg for a conference at BYU Idaho. President and Sister Bennion hosted him at their home for dinner. It just happened to be across the street from our meeting house and during our Primary Sharing Time. He loved the song and took it back to Salt Lake and asked The Friend Magazine to publish it.

The President Hinckley Song

1. When President Hinckley was a boy, he slept outside for fun. He noticed all the stars would move, except for one.

2. Discouraged while in the mission field, he read these words from home: "Forget yourself and go to work." His heart was stirred to

3. So if you're discouraged or confused, just think of that bright star. Remember what our prophet said and who you are.

Be constant as the North Star that shines for you and me. Anchored in the gospel with pure integrity, Steadfast in your service to God and fellowman. President Hinckley has shown us that we can.

This Primary song taught us that President Hinckley wanted to be a young man that others and the Lord could count on. As a discouraged missionary he learned a powerful lesson from his father. President Hinckley said of that moment, "I pondered his response and then the next morning in our scripture class we read that great statement of the Lord: 'For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it.' " (Mark 8:35) 'That simple statement, that promise touched me. I got on my knees and made a covenant with the Lord that I would try to forget myself and go to work. I count that as the day of decision in my life. Everything good that has happened to me since then I can trace back to the decision I made at that time.' "

Our district was inspired by President Hinckley's experience and the fact that he was serving his mission when he made a decision that affected the rest of his life. We will be constant too in our service. We set goals that will further the Lord's work. We will be constant as the North Star. It's going to be a great transfer!

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